Individual Tutoring

It is the clarity of thinking that makes a convincing writer.

We work together on

  • Reading Habits
  • Writing choices
  • Helpful thinking skills

Students learn to ask personal thinking questions

  • How does context effect meaning
  • Which theme is most important

Students are guided and supported to

  • Sustain their argument with a thesis and sub-claims
  • Consider each assertion and test its opposite
  • Check claims against textual evidence
  • Make a hierarchy of ideas
  • Find the best proof for each assertion
  • Explain the evidence to the reader
  • Revise carefully and cite sources

Holly at Uplift Writing has been working with my 10th grade son for a few months we are very satisfied with the progress he has made. At my initial consultation I felt that Holly really heard my concerns for him and had a plan to give him concrete tools that he could rely on to express his ideas in his writing. As they have been working together, Holly has been very flexible, recognizing his academic priorities and tailoring their work to be the most positive and productive. He finally has the consistent feedback that he needs to grow as a writer, and we have seen an improvement in his confidence. I highly recommend Uplift Writing!

— Pam, mom of a 10th grader, IB program

Holly is a great teacher who makes an instant connection with the child. “She makes hard work feel fun” says my son. She approaches the difficult task of writing very methodically and is able explain it well.

— Pavle, father of a fifth grader at Evergreen School