Welcome to Uplift Writing

We are a tutoring center dedicated to celebrating the language arts and the uplifting power of the spoken and written word.

We share space with our sister company, Fusion Math at 2920 NE Blakeley St, Seattle.

If you'd like to learn more about us and schedule tutoring, please contact us here for the fastest response.

What Makes Uplift Writing Unique? Our Coaches! Uplift coaches are experts in their fields. They are passionate educators with years of experience in literary studies, creative writing, persuasive writing, poetry, creating web content, and more. Most importantly, Uplift coaches love working with young people. Teaching is their vocation, and they share a positive, compassionate, and uplifting approach.

Who are Uplift students?

Uplift students come from all over the Seattle area and the Eastside. Each Uplift student follows an emergent curriculum, tailored to address their specific needs. Students work on skill building, test prep, personal narratives, creative writing, analytical essays, public speaking, and their own writing goals.

Uplift Writing Highlights

  • Highly individualized – emergent curriculum tailored to child

  • Focus on thinking – students practice critical thinking before, during, and after writing

  • Messy and collaborative – students’ ideas are validated; they are encouraged to guess, to make mistakes, and to visually map ideas

  • Intrinsic motivation – students are inspired to be lifelong writers with publication as a goal

  • The long view – Uplift Writing supports students at every stage of their development as writers and readers — from early literacy to emerging academic writing, to advanced literary analysis