What is Uplift Writing?

Uplift Writing is dedicated to celebrating the language arts and the uplifting power of the spoken and written word.

We recently moved to 2920 NE Blakleley St. where we share space with our sister company, Fusion Math.

If you'd like to learn more about us and schedule tutoring, please contact us here for the fastest response.

What Makes Uplift Writing Unique? Our Coaches! Uplift coaches are experts in their fields. They are passionate educators with years of experience in literary studies, creative writing, persuasive writing, poetry, creating web content, and more. Most importantly, Uplift coaches love working with young people. Teaching is their vocation, and they share a positive, compassionate, and uplifting approach.

Who are Uplift students?

Uplift students come from all over the Seattle area and the Eastside. Each Uplift student follows an emergent curriculum, tailored to address their specific needs. Students work on skill building, test prep, personal narratives, creative writing, analytical essays, public speaking, and their own writing goals.

Uplift Writing Highlights

  • Highly individualized – emergent curriculum tailored to child
  • Focus on thinking – students practice critical thinking before, during, and after writing
  • Messy and collaborative – students’ ideas are validated; they are encouraged to guess, to make mistakes, and to visually map ideas
  • Intrinsic motivation – students are inspired to be lifelong writers with publication as a goal
  • The long view – Uplift Writing supports students at every stage of their development as writers and readers — from early literacy to emerging academic writing, to advanced literary analysis

Writing Clearly For Kids

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Testimonials for Uplift Writing

Support for writing and critical thinking is a rare find outside the classroom setting. When I heard that Uplift was teaching children how to think and write analytically, I jumped at the opportunity for my children. Our tutor guides the children through questions and reflection on poems, prose, and visual texts. They focus initially on critical thinking, which is paramount to good writing. It is incredible to watch the children’s growth process as they hone their analytic skills–it is like flexing a single muscle slowly in repetition until it becomes stronger.

— Grace

Uplift has helped a lot with my writing. She always helps me in a kind and fun way. She is helping me analyze my favorite series of books, Harry Potter. We do a lot of fun things, and she helps explain things in drawings, charts, and words. She also helped me prepare for writing a story based on a picture for my SSAT last Winter.

— Ria, 6th grader at Lakeside

I was helping Isaac with edits to a paragraph for his Language Arts class this weekend and he said ‘I think I am becoming a better writer!’ He was really proud of himself. This was so wonderful to hear, as before he had had thoughts that he was not a good writer. Thank you so much for helping with Isaac’s confidence as a writer in just a few sessions. We are so grateful!

— Lisa, mom of 6th grader

Working with Uplift enabled me to focus on the concepts and essence of what I wanted to convey in writing about Eva and our family – providing support around the tension in me surrounding the mechanics of writing and the translation of concepts into ‘just the right words.’ They were supportive, encouraging, and listened closely to what we shared while also coaching us to more deeply bring out what was important to be shared. They helped us craft a beautifully written narrative, bringing our daughter and family ‘alive’ on paper.

— Jennifer, Seattle-area mom

The essays were more fun and faster to complete and it worked! I would recommend it for other kids.

— Eva, accepted at all three schools