Meet Our Tutors

Dylan Medina, Ph.D.

Dylan recently earned his PhD in Language and Rhetoric from the University of Washington. He has has spent nearly a decade studying and teaching writing. His research focused on how people learn to write and how writing instruction can either support or hinder that learning. Dylan has taught writing at Western Washington University, the University of Washington, and Seattle University. In addition, he has tutored writers from grade school through high school. Dylan believes in meeting each student where they are. He helps students feel successful while giving them the framework and the tools they need to achieve their writing goals. Dylan is available for one to one tutoring in writing and also teaches special classes designed for High school students and tutors SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and any other standardized test prep and has also taught our SAT Camps taught through Fusion Math

Dylan Medina
Jinah Haytko

Jinah Haytko

Jinah holds a Bachelor of Science in International Relations 2010 from Georgetown University. While in college, she took a semester abroad in France and then another in Germany. She is proficient in both French and German and has intermediate knowledge of Arabic. After graduation, Jinah Worked as an English Teacher in Korea for a year, focusing on developing and teaching conversation-focused curriculum for sophomores and juniors in a highly competitive environment. Jinah has been tutoring for 15+ years and always appreciates the opportunity to adapt to the specific needs of the student. She has a passion for reading, writing, and literature and loves sharing it with others. Jinah is available for one to one tutoring in writing, French, German, and Test Prep -where she herself earned exceptional scores! Jinah also tutors the ACT, SAT, SSAT, ISEE and other standardized test prep and has also taught our SAT Camps taught through Fusion Math

Will Mitchell, Ph.D.

After receiving his B.A. in English and French from the University of Georgia, Will spent two years teaching English to high school students in France. While in Europe, he also enjoyed a summer working as a residential camp leadership counselor in Leysin, Switzerland. Upon returning home, he began graduate studies at the University of Washington and earned his PhD in Comparative Literature. As a teaching assistant, and later as a lecturer at the UW, he taught a variety of writing intensive courses in the Departments of Comparative Literature and English as well as courses in the Division of French and Italian Studies.

Will has extensive experience mentoring students through all phases of the writing process, and enjoys helping them develop the tools necessary to effectively express themselves whether in the form of personal narrative, college admission essays, or academic analysis. Will so preps students for the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, and other standardized test prep. With practice and the application of proven techniques for drafting, editing, and revision, everyone can improve their communication skills and become a strong writer.

Mary Douglass

Mary has B.A. in Human Biology/Psychology from Stanford University and an M.S.W. from Simmons School of Social Work. Mary has worked in various capacities in student counseling, psychological and career services at Harvard University, UCLA, UCSB, and Edmonds Community College. These experiences give her a wide breadth of knowledge in supporting students in the college and career development arenas.

For the last several years, Mary has been using her unique skill set to support students, including her own children, through the private high school and college admissions process, as well as internship and job applications. She particularly enjoys helping students identify and craft captivating personal statements and essays in topics they are passionate about. She believes the college search and application process offers a valuable opportunity for students to embark on a journey of self discovery that can be empowering and enjoyable.

Mary also understands and can break down the basics of financial aid programs and applications. She also enjoys supporting parents as they embrace their new role as the parents of emerging adults.

Hanley Kingston

Hanley joins our team with a BA in both Biochemistry and Social and Legal Writing from Hamilton College in New York. She has many years experience teaching and working with children, not only as a writing tutor, but as a ski coach, climbing wall instructor, and camp counselor. Hanley is available for one to one tutoring.