If you would like to work with Uplift Writing please contact us to arrange an informational meeting or to schedule a session with a tutor. 

New Clients:

Please note our Cancellation Policy before Registering.

Please click the link below to register with us for the first time.  Registration only needs to be done one time even if you have more than one child being tutored.  Please help us by using the same name on the Registration Form and Payment Authorization Form.

Step 1:  Click to see Our Rates and Register with us.  This form helps us add you to our accounting software.
Step 2: Fill in our Payment Information Form (charges your card $0.01 to authorize.)

Current and Returning Clients:

Click to Update your Payment Information   You will find all our rates and policies listed here as well. This form charges your card $0.01 and allows us to securely save your information for future billings.  By making this $0.01 purchase you authorize Uplift Writing to charge your Credit Card for Tutoring Services rendered.  Our billing cycles are from the 1st to the 15th and the 16th to the last day of each month.  We normally charge cards a few days after the close of each billing cycle.

We only charge for sessions that have been scheduled and there is no minimum number of sessions required.  If no tutoring takes place during a billing cycle, there is no charge.